NADATS portfolio of advanced defense products and solutions include aerial and ground based sensor platforms;
detection, recognition, and imaging systems; and data transmission and fusion infrastructure for fully integrated defense systems.
NADATS leverages unique integration expertise to provide security and surveillance optimization,
utilizing state of the art defense products for worldwide customers.

Tactical Towers (Mobile Tower)

For recognizing approaching insurgents, relaying real-time information, and protecting front-line soldiers an elevated sensor platform complements any defense outfit. They enhance early warning capabilities, streamline communications between field and base operatives, and can act as the first line of defense. The tactical system supports operations with:

  • Complete ground assembly with rapid vertical rotation
  • Persistent elevated reconnaissance
  • Severe weather survivability
  • Rapid installation and removal (<1 hour) for stealthy field operations
  • Networkability for extended area coverage

NADATS Tactical Towers Systems feature:

  • Composite construction for outstanding strength to weight ratio
  • Modular design for mobility and mission flexibility
  • Scalability for range and payload flexibility

TTS is a lightweight (1-2 lb/ft) modular and scalable platform, capable of supporting a variety of payload at 30’, 60’ and 90’ elevation above the base installation, whether ground-based or atop buildings or other elevated structures. Optimized for ultra rapid, localized mission support, the sensor platform accommodates interchangeable payloads for threat detection, data dissemination, and informed threat response.

Learn more about the TTS capabilities by downloading the brochure.