NADATS portfolio of advanced defense products and solutions include aerial and ground based sensor platforms;
detection, recognition, and imaging systems; and data transmission and fusion infrastructure for fully integrated defense systems.
NADATS leverages unique integration expertise to provide security and surveillance optimization,
utilizing state of the art defense products for worldwide customers.

Tactical Aerostats

Unmanned and tethered, Tactical aerostats are aerodynamic lighter- than-air platforms that provide cost-effective reconnaissance (ISR) support like a low-flying satellite system, but are much cheaper to launch and operate. Aerostats can provide a constant ‘eye in the sky,’ delivering persistent, wide-area coverage that lends situational awareness to other air and ground support personnel. Tactical aerostats are ideal for mission surveillance when either rapid deployment or persistent monitoring for days, weeks, or months or years may be required.

Ideal for varied operations, NADATS’ Tactical Aerostat can elevate payloads to 1000 ft for over two weeks and provide line of sight exceeding 45 miles (70 km). It supports operational tempo with:

  • Rapid deployment capability
  • Simple operation with low manpower requirements
  • Tablet-based monitoring (wifi downlink)
  • Long life cycle and low maintenance

Supporting forward operators and field agents with vigilant area monitoring and enhanced command and control, the Tactical Aerostat is a superior payload platform for a variety of missions.

Providing real-time environmental awareness to field operators with budget-friendly endurance is challenging, but often essential for mission success or soldier protection. NADATS Tactical Aerostat (TA) is an intelligence platform proven in OCONUS deployment in combat environments for enhancing mission success, security and operational flexibility. The ‘TA’ elevates surveillance or communications equipment, without the elevated costs of satellite, reconnaissance aircraft or UAV operations.

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