NADATS portfolio of advanced defense products and solutions include aerial and ground based sensor platforms;
detection, recognition, and imaging systems; and data transmission and fusion infrastructure for fully integrated defense systems.
NADATS leverages unique integration expertise to provide security and surveillance optimization,
utilizing state of the art defense products for worldwide customers.

Multi-Payload Tethered Aerostats

Multi-Payload Tethered Aerostats are integrated with full ISR capabilities that provides extended persistent observation with rapid re-deployment, mission flexibility, and operational cost efficiency.

For the full suite of surveillance capabilities of strategic aerostat systems, with the mission flexibility and reduced logistical footprint of smaller tactical aerostats, the Multi-Payload Tethered Aerostat delivers exceptional capability and efficiency. The system has been designed to deliver:

  • Extended mission duration
  • Cost-effective persistence
  • Rapid re-deployment capability
  • Reduced manpower for operation and monitoring
  • Severe environmental survivability

Providing operators with:

  • Stable 300kg payload elevation to 1,500m AGL
  • 160 km line of sight (LOS) at 1,500m altitude
  • 20+ day uninterrupted mission duration
  • 30 km (day) / 20 km (night) HD imaging range
  • Fiber optic tether connection to mooring and ground control stations
  • Re-configurable payload mounting

The integrated aerostat, mobile mooring station, and remote ground control station were engineered to provide 360° wide-area observation, 24/7, for weeks at a time. The system supports long range multi-mode radar and HD day/night (EO/IR) imaging systems for air, ground, and marine target detection at great distances.