NADATS portfolio of advanced defense products and solutions include aerial and ground based sensor platforms;
detection, recognition, and imaging systems; and data transmission and fusion infrastructure for fully integrated defense systems.
NADATS leverages unique integration expertise to provide security and surveillance optimization,
utilizing state of the art defense products for worldwide customers.

Elevated Early Warning System – E/O Systems

The Early Warning System for Border Surveillance, Equipment Movement Observation, and Identification includes a multi-mode surveillance radar and a full HD multi-spectral imaging camera system, a shooter detection system (option), and a Ground Control System (GCS)

NADATS’ EEWS has been designed to support operators as a semi-permanent but movable, elevated and integrated sensor platform. The system features:

  • Multi-mode surveillance radar
  • HD multi-spectral camera system
  • Acoustic (shot) detection and triangulation

For more effective ground asset/response coordination our integrated network sends all data to a remote ground control station for:

  • Moving target detection and classification
  • Visual surveillance & recording
  • Enhanced communications

Ground-based elevated platforms provide the longest duration and simplest operation for local monitoring missions. The Elevated Early Warning System aids immediate threat detection and rapid response coordination; it can be ground based, but is ideally deployed atop elevated terrain or infrastructure for extended range (line-of-sight) in border and cross-border surveillance.